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Friday, December 14, 2018
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May 2014 Quiet Yourself and Rest

From My Life’s Journey                                                                               May, 2014  

Topic:  Quiet Yourself and Rest

Blessings and peace to you!  I hope you will be touched deeply by this ministry letter on the topic of discovering God’s ways and quieting yourself

The Bible gives us many insights into God’s ways as He deals with His people.  As we study to show ourselves approved unto God (2 Tim. 2:15), He begins to reveal His ways to us.  Despite our diligence, though, the Bible also says that we see through a glass darkly (1 Cor. 13:12).  In other words, it is not possible to fully understand all spiritual things while we are in these natural bodies, but God does give spiritual insight if we ask Him.

We can learn much as we study how God dealt with His chosen people, the children of Israel.  Today, we who have received Jesus Christ as Savior are also God’s chosen people, and we can learn from Biblical example how God might deal with us.  In Deuteronomy, God chose to deliver His people from bondage in Egypt.  He led them into the wilderness where their faith was tested, and their hearts were also revealed.  God intended for them to obey Him and grow up spiritually in righteousness and holiness; instead, the children of Israel murmured and complained.  Regardless of their behavior, note that God faithfully provided for them:  They never lacked food, water, shelter, or clothing (Neh. 9:19-21). 

God’s destination for His people was the Promised Land – a land of abundant provision.  Although this was a physical place (Canaan), the Promised Land also represents a spiritual place of provision for God’s people who learn to rest in Him in any trial or crisis.  

So what have we learned about God’s ways with His chosen people?  His ways are to …

  • lead His chosen people out of their bondages,
  • lead them through a wilderness where they learn to obey and grow spiritually, and
  • lead them to a spiritual place of rest in, and reliance upon, God for His abundant provision.

Along your life’s journey in Christ, pause to reflect on where you are.  Has God told you that He wants to free you from a bondage?  Are you holding onto what He wants to free you from?  Do you question God’s faithfulness in the wilderness although you can see His sustaining hand?  Are you growing in righteousness?  Are you walking in a place of rest in your relationship with God? 

Quiet yourself.  On my journey, I have learned to quiet my soul before God and hear Him.  In quietness, I also meditate thankfully on how God has been faithful to me throughout my life.  He has sustained me through dangers seen and unseen.  I was once on a plane, flying into the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).  After greeting my friends who were waiting for me, one of them said, “Iris, your plane was flying very low coming in, lady.”  This friend looked very concerned, and to this day (25 years later) I still sense that my life was in danger, and I didn’t even know it … but here I am, safe and sound today.  Praise God! 

Andrew Murray, a 19th century Christian writer and pastor of deep faith, spoke of having “stillness of soul.”  He said that “it is in such a calm and restful soul that the life of faith can strike deep root, that the Holy Spirit can give His blessed teaching, that the Holy Father can accomplish His glorious work.”  Hebrews 4:11 urges us to “labor therefore to enter into that rest.”  God never leaves nor forsakes His chosen, so seek Him to get free of the bondages that bind, arise in righteousness in your wilderness, and find spiritual rest in a Promised Land of God’s abundant provision. 

Isaiah 30:15b says, "In quietness and confidence shall be your strength."  A hymn of old also speaks to us:  "Be still, my soul: The Lord is on thy side."  Be encouraged, chosen one, as you quiet yourself before God!

Ever onward, ever forward~

Iris Barrett, Ed.D.